Organizational Committee:

Dr. Arturo Ayon
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy at UTSA

Dr. Madhavrao (Rao) Govindaraju
SAI Global Technologies, Inc

Dr. Randolph D. Glickman
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Dr. John Grillo
Academic Workforce Programs at NVC

Dr. Neda Habibi
Pgm. Coordinator, Adv. Materials, Northwest Vista College

Dr. Kelly Nash
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy at UTSA

Dr. Vasiliki (Vicky) Zorbas Poenitzsch
Southwest Research Institute

Dr. Arturo Ponce
Depart. of Physics and Astronomy at UTSA

Dr. Bharathi Subramaniasiva
Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute, UTSA

Dr. Wilson Terrell
Dept. of Engineering Sciences at Trinity University

Dr. Walt Trybula
Texas State University, San Marcos & Trybula Foundation, Inc., Austin

Dr. Stephen Wellinghoff
Southwest Research Institute

Dr. Miguel Yacaman
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy at UTSA

Dr. Qiaoying Joy Zhou
Academic Workforce Programs at Northwest Vista College


San Antonio Nano-Technology Forum (SANTF)

Manipulation of Elasto-Electromagnetic Coupled Phenomena in Ferroic Crystals and Multiferroic Nanocomposites

Speaker: Ruyan Guo, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas 78249

Venue: BSE Multipurpose Room (2.102), One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249

Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Time: 11.30 AM – 12.45 PM


This talk will highlight interdisciplinary research conducted at the Multifunctional Electronic Materials and Devices Research Lab at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The research effort is aimed at developing advanced materials with novel functionalities that address emerging technological challenges in, e.g., sensing, actuating, biomedical, and energy converting optoelectronic applications. Dr. Guo will discuss advances made in understanding and exploration of a family of piezoelectric, ferroelectric crystals, and magnetoelectric nanocomposites. She will use several examples, (a) electro-mechanical resonance enhanced process on optical and millimeter wave transmission controls and (b) magneto-elasto-electrical interactive process on nanorobotics, to illustrate innovative solutions obtained through enabling and controlling collective interactions in those advanced materials.

Biography of the Speaker:

Dr. Ruyan Guo (PhD 1990, Penn State) is Robert E. Clarke Endowed Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at San Antonio. An author/co-author of some 440 technical publications and the editor/co-editor of 27 transaction books & proceeding volumes, she is a known expert in electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices research. She is the Director of UTSA’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Advanced Materials Engineering. She also served as the Interim Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UTSA (2010-12), the Director of the NSF EEREU Penn State Site program (2003-08), the Electronics Division Chair of the ACerS (2002-03), and the AdCom member of IEEE-UFFC in (2006-08). Dr. Guo is a recognized Society Fellow of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS), The Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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Please send your RSVPs by 2 PM on Tuesday, October 20. Please check our website ( for complete program details and upcoming meeting schedule. Campus map link is here.

Planned 2018/9 SANTF Meetings:

 October 10, 2018 UTSA
 December 12, 2018 Dr. Wei Gao, UTSA
 January 16, 2019 TowerJazz
 February 20, 2019 Army
 March 20, 2019 Invited speaker
 May 15, 2019 Speaker from FibeRio, Location SwRI

SANTF Purpose:

SANTF aims to provide participants with information on the state of nanotechnology research in Greater San Antonio institutions, presents trends in industry and research universities, informs innovative applications of nanotechnology, information related to current work in progress towards establishing national skills standards, details the involvement and support of national professional societies, and the current technician education programs supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The newly formed SANTF strives to build stronger communication and networking opportunities between educational and private businesses, both regionally and nationally; to solidify pipelines in education and stimulate job creation in the Greater San Antonio area in the field of nanotechnology and STEM related fields.    


SANTF brings together researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies in the Greater San Antonio area working in the areas of nanomaterials and nanotechnology to showcase innovations related to the development and application of nanotechnology and nanomaterials. 


Establish a venue for local researchers, early-stage investors, venture capitalists, and industry leaders to gather and discuss developments in nanotechnology and its applications in the areas of Biomaterials, Energy, Clean Technology, and Sustainability.  

 SANTF brings together major technology players in the area to form strong alliances among the researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA), Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Texas Biomedical Research Institute, Alamo Community Colleges, Trinity University, Texas State University in San Marcos, and other educational institutions. SANTF promotes intellectual creativity in the area of nanotechnology that will create a strong nanotechnology base in San Antonio.    

 The forum is expected to spur productive collaborations among the researchers in Greater San Antonio area and promote innovations leading to scientific discoveries and engineering innovations.  SANTF is committed to enhancing San Antonio’s nanotechnology future and establishing the Alamo City as a global leader in nanotechnology.  

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